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Costume Jewellery Care

Caring for your costume jewellery

These days Costume Jewellery can be as delicate as fine precious jewellery and many items still incorporate the use on stones and crystal which is usually all set by hand. You should always treat you fashion and costume jewellery with the upmost care to avoid damage and loosing stones.

Here is some advice on how to care for your fashion jewellery and costume jewellery to help keep it in prime condition.

Advice on how to care for your Costume and Fashion Jewellery

Water – Water is never good for any jewellery so costume jewellery is no exception if you want your jewellery to last than you should avoid contact with water. Always remove rings and bracelets before you wash up, take off any articles of jewellery before you have a bath, shower or go swimming and don’t forget when on holiday to remove jewellery before you enter the sea.

Sunlight – Direct sunlight can be very harmful to your jewellery, always store in a cool dry pace out of direct sunlight. We recommend you use a jewellery box as stated above.

Perfume, Sprays and Chemicals – Always take care when spraying any chemicals around your costume jewellery. It is recommended that you apply hair sprays, body sprays and perfumes prior to wearing you jewellery. Also don’t forget to remove rings and jewellery when applying body lotions or sun creams.

Storage – Store each piece of costume jewellery separately in box or an individual packet preferably with anti-tarnish paper, in doing this it will avoid jewellery getting scratched and tangling whilst in storage.  

Cleaning equipment – Cleaners are not recommended for costume jewellery as they are usually to abrasive and will remove the plating, if you need to clean your costume jewellery or remove slight tarnishing you can use mild washing up liquid diluted with water and thoroughly dry the jewellery after. Over polishing will not help your costume jewellery it will also remove the plating but you can use certain specialist clothes to clean the crystals and stones so they keep their sparkle. Be careful not to use any cloth with a rough surface as this can scratch the metal and any crystal or stones.

Also beware of oxidation which can cause tarnish by jewellery interaction with oxygen, sulphur and other acids. Avoiding the above issues and following jewellery care tips will help pro-long the life of your jewellery, caring for your costume jewellery and fashion jewellery is no easy task as generally it is not made of materials that will easily last the test of time and many items are handmade with hand set crystals, jewels and stones.